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Vice President - Club Founder

Kingsley Klau - AIPP - 0417 928 679


Kingsley saw a need for those interested in photography to meet regularly and to encourage their enjoyment of photography.  As such the club was founded in June, 2006.  In December, 2015, he was awarded Life Membership - the first in the club.

Kingsley is the owner and creator of PhotoCoffee and is a full AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) member.  He is also an awarded teacher of various Photography Courses, conducted through PhotoCoffeeSHOOT Photography in Perth, and as a lecturer for NIKON Australia.  Uses a variety of Nikon Cameras - D4, D810, D500, Df along with a broad range of lenses and flash units.

Kingsley is also the President of the West Australian Photographic Federation - WAPF, his second term in the role.

Secretary - Competitions Manager

Alex Nesbitt


I joined the club in 2009 having always been interested in photography, I started with a Minolta compact digital then graduated to a Pentax SLR. I did the WAPJA judging course to educate myself and others and because I genuinely like looking at other peoples photos. I like all styles of  photography but mainly do table top, close up and macro. I also like experimenting with textures and Photoshop.


Shirley Johnson


I took up Photography in April 2013 and after attending a Nikon Workshop run by Kingsley decided to attend a club meeting. When I saw the photos taken by club members I knew I wanted to be able to take photos like that. Since then I have attended loads of training, workshops and spent many hours behind the computer learning stuff from the internet. What I love about photography is you never stop learning, there is always something new to try and I have seen more of WA in the past 4 years than I did ever before. I have met lots of people and become friends with some in and out of the Rockingham Photography Club and wish to continue my photography journey for many years to come.

Committee are the heart of the club and volunteer of their time.

Would you like to enhance the club in some way? Your best ‘voice’ is as part of the committee. This is any members opportunity to be part of clubs decisions, planning, and support. 

Committee are voted in yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at the beginning of the April’s Club Meeting.


Jason Eagle


I joined the club in 2016 to get more involved with other fellow photographers with the same passion for capturing moments in time.  I have been involved in photography for over 10 years as it was heavily used in my previous employment as a project engineer surveying and analysing offshore oil rigs and producing 3D Asbuilt models from photographs. It has only been in the past 3 years that I started taking photograph’s for my own enjoyment and my interest and passion continues to grow stronger each day. I enjoy most aspects of photography but my main focus recently has been exploring WA and capturing Landscapes/Seascapes and Astro photographs. I use 2 Canon full frame systems, 6D and 5D MK IV along with an ever growing collection of lenses.

Committee - Monthly Raffles Manager

Donna Rose


“I’ve been with the Club since February, 2009 and loved every minute.  I enjoy landscapes and anything to do with water.  I also like doing candid shots of people when they don’t know I’m taking the shot.

I currently use a Nikon D7000”

Committee - Trips / Outings Manager

Thelma Murphy - 0419 955 579


I really enjoy traveling throughout Western Australia capturing the stunning countryside but joined the camera club to diversify into portraiture and macro to give me a better cross section of my travels. I have been the President of the Melville Camera Club, and the West Australian Photographic Federation mainly to promote the importance of clubs providing photo outings to ensure members know each other and can share photographic knowledge.  So Im part of the committee to continue to promote outings.  My camera is a Nikon D600, and it doesn’t get enough use!!  I also believe that good food is an important element to our successful photo outings.”

Committee - Catering Manager

John Binks


“I have been a keen amateur photographer most of my life starting off with film range finder cameras and then progressing to SLRs.

I did most of my own processing (Black & White)

I got my first DSLR (Nikon) about 6 years ago and about the same time joined the Rockingham Club.

I enjoy most forms of photography particularly portraiture and more recently nature.

I currently have a Nikon D600 and a FujiFilm EX1 which I love.

Joining the Rockingham Club has really improved my photography with feed back by other members and the judges in our monthly competitions.”

Committee - Apparel - Assistant Monthly Raffles Manager

Currently Vacant - If a Club Member is interested in the position, contact the Committee at the next Club Meeting....


Club Postal Address:

Rockingham Photography Club

PO Box 5157


WA 6969

Committee - Club Membership Manager

William Thomson - 0477 303 379


I am relatively new to the photography scene and have well and truly been bitten by the bug.  After picking up an Olympus OMD-EM1 mirrorless camera I stumbled across the Rockingham club and from the first meeting was impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of everyone involved. I am immersing myself completely into everything to do with photography, and hope to do my part in keeping the awesome momentum at the Rockingham photography club going.

My current focus is on long-exposure landscapes and increasing my knowledge with Photoshop. When not destroying my tripod by sticking it all manner of water, rock and mud I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring the great outdoors and also play on the wing for the mighty Mandurah Makos football club. Happy shooting!

Competitions Manager

Chris Parker - 0419 199 136


‘Chrispy’ is a keen amateur photographer who loves to delve into photography when he gets the chance - between working on his Subaru’s and assisting at Maximum Motorsport.

Chris looks after the visual presentations at the meeting for all the entries and does an amazing job!!!

Chrispy has a bunch of Nikon gear - and a 400mm F2.8 Lens that he needs to use some more :)

Committee  - Club Training

Phil Ashton


I started taking photography seriously in 2006. In about 2013, after a few camera upgrades, and some advice from friends, I joined Rockingham Photography club. I found that being part of the club has opened my eyes to what is possible with photography. I’m a fan of abstract shapes, forms and arrangements, as well as portraiture. I currently shoot with a Canon 5D MkIII.

Club Banking Details

If you need to pay the Club by Direct Deposit:

BSB: 633 - 000

Account: 144423225

Bendigo Bank


When Paying - PLEASE

put in a reference: i.e.

“Bill Jones-Photography 1010”