Club Committee Roles & Responsibilities


1. President - Constitution:

  1. a.Subject to this rule, the President shall preside over all General Meetings and Committee meetings.

  2. b.In the event of the absence from a General meeting, the Vice President shall fulfill the role.

1-1. President - RPC Definition - as above, but may also include, but not limited to the following:

  1. a.Responsible for thanking and presentation of a gift to the Club Guest Speaker / Judge on Club Meeting evenings.

  2. b.Ensuring the visiting Judge / Guest Speaker is met, and hosted.

  3. c.Responsible for arranging Guest Speakers and Judges for the Club Meetings

  4. d.Responsible for dealing with Club correspondence as required and as directed by the Club Secretary

  5. e.Is one of the nominee's to approve Club payments

  6. f.Is the Clubs spokesperson representing the Club in other related activities, including for example the WAPF, club functions and events and community events.

  7. g.The President is responsible for arranging the following years Photography Themes by the December Committee Meeting for inclusion onto the Club Website.

  8. h.The President is responsible for the Club’s FaceBook account and posting of Club news and events.

2. Vice-President - Constitution:

  1. a.To fulfill the role of President in their absence.

2-1. Vice President - RPC Definition - may also include, but not limited to the following:

  1. a.As per the President in their absence, except for 2.a.

  2. b.Is one of the nominee’s to approve Club payments.

  3. c.Supports the President and Committee were possible.

  4. d.Holds one of the two keys for the PO Box in Kent Street, Rockingham

3. Secretary - Constitution:

  1. the correspondence of the Association;

  2. b.keep full and correct minutes of the proceedings of the Committee and of the Association;  in respect of the rules of the Association;
    and ii.section 29 of the Act* in respect of the record of the office
    holders, and any trustees, of the Association;

  3. c.have custody of all books, documents, records and registers of the Association, including those referred to in paragraph (b), other than those required by rule 11 to be kept and maintained by, or in the custody of, the Membership Secretary/Treasurer and Section 27 which will be kept and maintained by, or in the custody of, the Membership Secretary/Treasurer; and perform such other duties as are imposed by these rules on the Secretary.

3.1 Secretary - RPC Definition / Additional Roles - may also include, but not limited to the following:

  1. a.The above description (whilst a bit convoluted) is essentially the roles of the Secretary. 

  2. b.In plain english: 

  3. c.The Secretary records the minutes at each Committee Meeting and distributes them (via email) to the Committee within 5 working days.

  4. d.The Secretary is also the Point of Contact for the club and records and distributes the correspondence accordingly - be it via email or written.

  5. e.The secretary will also provide to the Committee Meeting, a copy of the previous minutes to be presented for approval by the sitting Committee and a copy signed by the Secretary and President. This copy is to be retained for records.

  1. 4.Treasurer - Constitution:

  2. responsible for the receipt of all moneys paid to or received by, or by him/ her on behalf of, the Association and shall issue receipts for those moneys in the name of the Association;

  3. all moneys referred to in paragraph (a) into such account or accounts of the Association as the Committee may from time to time direct; make payments from the funds of the Association with the authority of a general meeting or of the Committee and in so doing ensure that all cheques are signed by two Committee members as nominated by the Committee;

  4. b.comply on behalf of the Association with sections 25 and 26 of the Act* in respect of the accounting records of the Association;

  5. c.whenever directed to do so by the President, submit to the Committee, a report, balance sheet or financial statement in accordance with that direction;

  6. d.have custody of all securities, books and documents of a financial nature and
    accounting records of the Association, including those referred to in paragraphs (d) and (e); and perform such other duties as are imposed by these rules on the Treasurer.

4.1 Treasurer - RPC Definition / Additional Roles - may also include, but not limited to the following:

  1. a.The Treasurer shall provided the Committee with the Club’s financial status at each committee meeting.  If unable to attend, is to email a PDF Copy of the Club’s financial status to the Secretary to be included in that months minutes.

  2. b.The Treasurer shall deliver a financial report to the Club Membership at the annual AGM.  This report is for the past 12 months and include records up to the 31st of March of the year of the AGM.

  1. 5.Committee 1 - Club Competitions Manager

  2. a.The Club Competitions Manager is responsible for collating the digital monthly entries and preparing them for both the Judge, at least 4 days prior to the Club Meeting, and for Club Presentations on the evening of the Club Meeting.

  3. b.The Club Competitions Manager will also collate the Photographer of the Year results from Club Meeting Attendance, Entries into the Monthly Competitions, Gold, Silver and Bronze points, Training and Club Outings and update the results monthly.

  4. c.The Club Competitions Director will also be responsible for ensuring entries into the following annual competitions: WAPF Inter-Club Print Competition, and WAPF Click West.  This can be arranged with assistance from another Committee Member.

6. Committee 2 - Club Raffles Manager

  1. a.The Club Raffles Manager is responsible for acquiring and preparing the monthly raffles for sale each monthly Club Meeting. 

  2. b.The Club Raffles Manager will maintain a small float - $200.00 - to enable the cash payment for each months Club Guest Speaker / Judge and provide this to the President on Club evening.

  3. c.The Club Raffles Manager will provide a financial report each Club Committee Meeting - providing any excess to the Treasurer at that meeting.

  4. d.The Club Raffles Manager will act as a Host at Club Meetings, supported by the Club Membership Manager

  5. e.Holds one of the two keys to the PO Box in Kent Street, Rockingham - the other is held by the Vice-President

7. Committee 3 - Club Meeting Catering Manager

  1. a.The Club Meeting Catering Manager will supply, set-up and maintain the monthly evening tea items.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, quality biscuits with considerations for cake, muffins, savory muffins keeping the food lines interesting.  Consideration should also be for healthy options, not simple sweet biscuits.

  2. b.The Club Meeting Catering Manager will manage a small float ($100.00) from which items can be purchased, replenished with a $2.00 per beverage / biscuit cost on the evening.

  3. c.The Club Meeting Catering Manager will inform the club at each Club Committee Meeting of the status of the float, providing excess to the Treasurer at that meeting.

  4. d.The Club Meeting Catering Manager will also be responsible for catering at Club Training Meetings - and may include additional food items, depending on the Training program. 

  5. e.The Club Meeting Catering Manager is not responsible for catering at Club Outings, however may assist if available.

8. Committee 4 - Club Membership Manager.

  1. a.The Club Membership Manager will maintain annual records of Club Members.

  2. b.The Club Membership Manager will greet Club Members on arrival at the Monthly Meetings, and ensure their attendance is recorded.

  3. c.The Club Membership Manager will maintain the Club Badges, ensuring they are handed out and returned after each Club Meeting.

  4. d.The Club Membership Manager will provide a report at each Committee Meeting of the current Club Membership and inform the Competitions Manager of each month attendance for CMOTY awards.

  5. e.The Club Membership Manager will ensure New Members have their Badges handed to the President for presenting at the beginning of each Monthly Club Meeting, and have a photo taken - then posted to the Club’s Facebook.

  6. f.Provide access to Financial Club Members for the Close FaceBook Account

9. Committee 5 - Clubs Outings Director

  1. a.The Clubs Outing Director is responsible for the annual Club outings, and should ensure at least 3-5 events each year.

  2. b.The Clubs Outing Director will discuss possible events and present to the Committee by the November Committee Meeting so the following years activities can be advertised online.

  3. c.At least two months prior to each outing, the Clubs Outing Director is to arrange the outing, such that it can be fomalised and promoted online.  This will include catering, accommodations options were necessary, activities at the outings and ensuring suitable promotion.

  4. d.The Clubs Outing Director is also responsible for the annual Christmas Function.

  5. e.The Clubs Outing Director is eligible for up to $400.00 per annum for fuel usage if traveling specifically to arrange outings.  The calculation is will be based on $0.25 per kilometer and bought to the Committee Meeting for approval via an invoice and explanation of the trip.

10. Committee 6 - Clubs Apparel Manager

  1. a.The Clubs Apparel Manager will control, arrange and promote the Club’s Apparel.

  2. b.The Clubs Apparel Manager will ensure members who order items are arranged and made available within 3 weeks of ordering.

  3. c.The Clubs Apparel Manager will bring promotional clothing to the Monthly Club Meeting and manage the sales online.

  4. d.The Clubs Apparel Manager will provide a report of sales at each Committee Meeting of the previous months sales, and provide information about any new apparel items that could be considered for the Club.

  1. 11.Club Training Manager

  2. a.Is responsible for managing the Club Training - both creating and delivery.

  3. b.The Vice President is responsible for the maintenance of the www. webite.  This includes annual payments for C-Panel Hosting and Bi-Annual payment for the domain registration, monthly club awards updates and as required updates for training, outings and events pages.

NOTE - the Committee work as a TEAM.

The above provides guidance and awareness of the roles, and there will be times were a role may need to be undertaken by others due to the incumbent Committee Member not being in attendance, or unable to undertake that role.  It is up to the person responsible for that role to make arrangements for another Committee Member to undertake that role, and whenever possible inform the Committee of that arrangement.

There will also be special events were some of the above roles to not encompass. 

The Committee should consider a TEAM approach and assist were they can.

Below is an explanation of the Roles and Responsibilities of the Club Committee.

A few points:

  1. Clubs cannot exist and function without a Committee.

  2. The involvement of the Committee within the Club will result in the quality and feel of the Club.

  3. Club Committee roles are to be active - it is not an honorary position, rather an active position.

  4. Committee are volunteers.  They are not paid, nor should they expect to be paid - however they should be proud to be involved in the community and can give positively to the well-being and mental health of the Community and its members.

  5. Committee members should have a ‘Can-Do’ attitude

  6. Being a Committee Member can give you a great deal of satisfaction, especially if you are positively active within the role on the Committee.

The Rockingham Photography Club is ‘Incorporated’. Below is the explanation of this:

“Incorporation is a system of State Government or Territory registration that gives an association or community groups certain legal advantages in return for accepting certain legal responsibilities. An incorporated association receives recognition as a legal entity separate from its members and offers some protection for office holders from any debts or liabilities incurred by the group as long as the association doesn't make a profit for its members.”

Additional information can be found on the Dept of Commerce Website via the this LINK.

Below are the Roles and Responsibilities  of each position - both as written within the Constitution and a further Club definitions: