Definition of Gold - Silver and Bronze


Judging at the Club Meeting is conducted to provide ‘winners’ for the evening and provide as much feedback to the club members as possible. 

Note: - Due to the quantity of entries each month, it is not possible for all to be provided with feedback, however we request the judge comment on all Novice entries...

There are four Categories - and a Novice:

  1. Theme

  2. Theme Modified

  3. Open

  4. Open Modified and

  5. Novice - see the above right link for more information on Novice.

Some months there may not be any Gold or even Silver, or there may well be several ‘Golds’ or ‘Silvers’.  This will depend of the quality of entries and the Judge on the evening.

Please remember, the competition is meant to be challenging and provide some learning aspects of the art of photography, and the judges decisions may not be the one you agree with. 

Please respect the efforts of the Judge (it is not easy) and take their advice with the correct attitude. 

Good Luck!

Scoring Levels - Explanation:

Gold: A Terrific Photo - has superb visual appeal, a great composition - sharp where required, well defined, technically correct. The image stands out above the rest at the level being judged. The Judge considers this image worthy of entering into a competition.  You should be congratulated on achieving a great result.

Silver: A Great Photo - most aspects of technical correction - with small effort(s) would make a competition image.

Bronze: A Good Photo - worthy of a mention and artistically interesting.  Some aspects could be improved, but you are on the right track!

Points allocation for ‘Club Member of the Year’ (CMOTY) Awards:

The monthly competition goes toward the ‘Club Member of the Year’ awards and simply by entering, you will attract points. 

Points are more generous when members enter into the ‘Theme’ categories to encourage activity and application toward those themes.

See the above CMOTY link for more information.

The following points are allocated to each category: