Definition of Novice | Information of the Novice Category


Novice section is designed to enable new members and those starting out a more level playing field.  Often those who are new to photography can be daunted by the quality of those experienced members and as such do not enter photos to be judged for fear of rejection and / or perceived embarrassment.  Below are the current ‘rules’ for NOVICE:

Novice Section (Small Print!!)

  1. Only 3 Entries in Total

  2. Can be based on the Theme or Open Categories, or Modified - your goal will be try and consider the theme...

  3. Entries MUST be renamed as follows:

  4. John Smith Novice 1.jpg

  5. John Smith Novice 2.jpg

  6. John Smith Novice 3.jpg  - for example - (Files MUST be renamed to your name / theme etc - PRIOR to uploading - failure to do this may result in your entries not being accepted).

  7. Maximum image dimensions 1920 x 1080 on the long side (ideal for projection) - this can be achieved in Apples ‘Photos’ program or Goggle Photos etc.  You can also achieve this in Photoshop CS or Elements, however - note below:

  8. Maximum file size 3MB

  9. Minimum file size 500kb

  10. Photos must have been taken within the last 12 months to be fair to all and to challenge you to get out and take more photos!!

  11. No photos can have been entered in previous RPC competitions.  Photos previously entered, then modified to make a minor change so they can be re-entered will not be deemed as fair and reasonable.  Technically you can enter, but this is very un-Australian...

  12. Scoring a ‘GOLD’ will mean your level is such that you cannot now enter in ‘Novice’ and future entries would be in the regular club competitions.

  13. You will not be deemed as a ‘Novice’ after 12 Months - if you have already not achieved a ‘Gold’ entry in Novice

  14. Good Luck and WELL DONE in making the effort to enter - this is how you will learn.

Even in NOVICE, you gain CMOTY (Club Member of The Year) Points.  See the chart below as to how they are allocated: