Following are some tips to rewarding landscape images:

  1. Use a tripod more often than not - great to keep the camera steady whilst using a slow shutter speed, and in most cases you will have the time.

  2. Set your camera to Landscape (see above symbol) or use a larger aperture number (around F8 or higher).

  3. Shoot the majority of your images either at dawn or sunset - the lighting is more even around the country-side and provides more interesting shadows.

  4. Either use a wide angle lens (10-20mm is good on a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera) or if buying a compact camera, make sure it has a wide-angle of 24mm.

  5. Ensure your ISO is set to the lowest (100 or 200 ISO is good).

  6. Use (in most cases) the Rules-of-Thirds when composing your images (try not the put the horizon in the  middle).

  7. Find interesting foreground subject, combined with subject left or right of interest.

  8. Consider the strength of your foreground if a wide-angle shot - the foreground captures the eye first and the remainder of the image should flow from this...


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