Membership Fees - Notes

  1. Use the links below to either Join or Renew with the Rockingham Photography Club - Prices as below:

  2. $60.00 per annum Single Membership

  3. $95.00 per annum Family Couple Membership - NOTE - a ‘Family’ is two or more members of the same family living under the same roof...  A Sister / Brother / Aunt / Uncle / Friend etc living at different locations is not deemed a Family Membership...

  4. Memberships renewed annually in February of each year.  If you join the club after that month the fees will be pro-rated from the month of joining, then renew in full in the following February.

  5. If you have any further queries, please contact the Club Membership Secretary PRIOR to applying.

  6. We thank you for your interest in the Club and look forward to your participation and attendance.

  7. (Please ensure ‘pop-ups’ are allowed (in preferences) on your browser)

  8. View the ‘Pro-Rate’ rates and explanations below.

  9. Thank You for supporting the best Camera Club in WA!!

Joining the Club - or Renewing your Membership...

Joining the Club

Link to Online Joining Form...


Link to Online Form to Renew your Membership...