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Next Meeting: Tuesday, 9th July, 2019 - 7:00-9:30 pm - Photography 101 Students - 6:00-7:00pm  

(Note how to enter monthly competitions below)

Theme:  ‘Uniforms in Context’ - Digital Only  - LINK to the Descriptions of the Themes for this Year

Judge-Guest Speaker: Judge- Kingsley Klau - LINK to about Kingsley Klau as a Photographer

Location of Meeting - See this LINK for the details - New Members Welcome

Next Photo Outing - Go to this LINK for all the info...

Next Training Session - Go to this LINK for all the info...

Interesting in Joining?

Come along to our meeting and check us out - let yourself be known at the door and we will welcome you on the night..

Endure two meetings (for free) and you are welcome to join at the end of the second meeting...(or earlier if you wish).

See the ‘Club Information’ for membership fees etc.

No need to bring anything!

How to Enter in the Monthly Competitions:

There are 4 Categories and a Novice section. You can enter a total of 3 images in one or multiple categories as follows:

  1. 1. Theme

  2. 2. Theme Modified * See Modified definition below...

  3. 3. Open

  4. 4. Open Modified

  5. Novice.  For the criteria of novice, see this LINK 

Entries MUST be renamed as follows:

  1. John Smith Theme 1

  2. John Smith Open 2

  3. John Smith Modified 3 - for example - (Files MUST be renamed to your name / theme etc - PRIOR to uploading - failure to do this may result in your entries not being accepted). This aids immensely with the management and identification of the files.

Other Criteria:

  1. Please only save and enter your competition files as ‘JPEG’ images - no PSD | TIFF | GIF files. 

  2. Maximum image dimensions 1920 pixels on the long side @ 72dpi  (ideal for projection) - this can be achieved in Apples ‘Photos’ or Goggle Photos.  You could also achieve this in Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom however - note below:

  3. Maximum file size 3MB (see below)

  4. Minimum file size - 1920 (on the longest side) x 1080 pixels. @72 dpi. The files would be around 300-900 KB, depending on colours and file manipulations. 

  5. Photos must have been taken within the last 12 months to be fair to all, and to challenge you to get out and take more photos!!

  6. No photos can have been entered in previous RPC competitions.  Photos previously entered, then modified to make a minor change so they can be re-entered will not be deemed as fair and reasonable.  Technically you can enter, but this is very un-Australian...

  7. * Modified - Definition is the files are created with layers - in programs such as PhotoShop.  Files altered in programs such as Apple’s ‘Photos’ | Google Photos | Lightroom are not deemed ‘Modified’ (i.e. - change to B&W | straightened | levels correction etc are acceptable as ‘Not Modified’).

  8. Photos must have no identifiable markings (logos / copyright etc).

  9. Photos if composites must be imagery taken by the author - this includes all aspects of the image and  backgrounds / textures etc.

Above Pic - Merrelyn Hunter