Novice Section Gold...


The Novice Section was introduced to give those either new to the club, just starting out or yet to win within the normal monthly competitions.  This section is entirely self-regulating.  Those who win (get a Gold - note below) will then be required to ‘move-up’ to the traditional club monthly competitions.


1. If more than 4 people enter the Novice section and there is a Gold Winning photo, the winner is no longer a ‘Novice’.

  1. 2.Members cannot enter Novice section if they have been a Club Member for more than 6 months.

  2. 3.Members joining the Club are not required to enter under Novice, but they may choose to.  New Members

  3. 4.If you choose to enter in the other club categories, you cannot enter Novice as well.

  4. 5.Novice ‘Themes’ are not defined (you may enter any image - Theme - Theme Modified - Open - Open Modified), however those who choose the current Club’s month theme will personally gain more from the competition.

  5. 6.These rule are self-regulating and honesty is appreciated.

  6. 7.Those entering this section can enter up to 3 images.

Below are Golds for the Monthly Novice categories for the last 12 months.

WELL DONE on all those who participate.

Introduced - November 2010