Club Presidents.....


Peter Lescelle - President 2006-2008

Peter has the honor of being the first President of the Rockingham Photography Club in 2006.

Peter took on the role with enthusiasm and a great sense of humor.  He made it fun, was alway helpful and interacted tremendously with club members...

A talented photographer, Peter has won many club competitions and has always faired well with his entries in the monthly competitions.

He can also be found chasing the big-wave shots - either at the ‘Wedge’ or down South and also has a love for his home home country of New Zealand and often travels back to photograph sailing events.

Thank You Peter - The club is ever grateful for your efforts, support and generous nature.

Craig Taylor - President 2008-2010

Craig was voted in as the clubs second President and professionally took on the role, as for Peter with vigor and enthusiasm. 

Craig is also a talented amateur photographer with a great eye for something different.  He also has a good grasp on the modern technology and was alway providing advice on the latest ‘stuff’.

Craig effectively held the position, was very social with the guests and made everyone feel welcome.

It was Craig who designed the Clubs Logo - Tick Tick!

Thank You Craig - Your efforts and knowledge are (still) so appreciated.

Club Presidents:

The Rockingham Photography Club was founded in April 2006 and prides itself in having a tremendous committee that supports the organisation.  

One of the roles is that of President. 

The President’s are voted in and are the Club’s spokes-person, chairperson of the Committee Meetings along with other roles. 

This in no way takes away from those on the Committee, who support the Club and President.  Without this Committee and their dedication, the club would not exist.

Thank You to past Presidents - and Committee...

Peter Pickering - President 2010-2012

Peter’s gentle approach as our 3rd President is most appreciated.

Peter - a Professional Photographer - gave of his vast knowledge on the Committee and was a gracious host at the Club Meetings.  He was also keen to arrange outings for the Club and attended many of them.

Peter had many good ideas for the club and many of them were implemented.

Thank You Peter

Michelle Sparkes - President 2012-2013

Michelle’s efforts to drive the clubs activities, training and development was a highlight of her duration as President of the club.

Being the first lady at the helm had a positive influence on the club and she generated and promoted many outings for the benefit of the members.  Her passion for photography was apparent with her being the highest scorer in the monthly club entries and being awarded ‘Photographer of the Year - 2012 and 2013

Michelle stood down after one year due to family and business commitments, but remains a active and supportive member of the Club. 

Link to some of Michelle’s gold winning images.

Link to Michelle’s Business Website.

Thank You Michelle - Your efforts and enthusiasm were so appreciated...

Cathy Crockett - President 2013-2015

Cathy had a passion for the club that endears her to the role.  Her daughter - Shae - is also heavily involved in both the Youth Camera Club and the Rockingham Photography Club.  This family commitment is both great to see and very appreciated.

Cathy enjoys her photography and is a very keen learner.  I am sure we will see many wonderful images taken with her camera.

Cathy has recently taken up travel with her loving husband and family in their new off-road caravan - a great way to see this beautiful state of ours.

Thank You Cathy - Your efforts and enthusiasm are so appreciated...

Shirley Johnson - President 2015-2016

“I have always liked taking photos and two years ago purchased my first Nikon DSLR, met Kingsley at a Nikon workshop and then joined the Rockingham Photography Club.

I loved it so much it didn’t take long to upgrade and I now shoot with a Nikon D750. I enjoy photographing landscapes, birds, portraits, macro and just love getting out and about – it has taken me places I would never have seen otherwise. At our monthly club meetings I am inspired with all the terrific photos taken by our members and as President will do my best to ensure the Rockingham Photography Club continues as a great club to be a member of.”

Shirley continues with the Committee in the important role of Treasurer and was instrumental in the Club attaining a Lotteries West grant for a new Projector and Laptop in 2018 and diligently manages the Club’s finances.

Link to some of Shirley’s gold winning images.

Four Presidents...

Photo taken December, 2015


Craig Taylor

Cathy Crockett

Shirley Johnson

Peter Lescelle

James Smith - President 2016-2017

James has been a Club Member since 2012.

He was a wonderful host, superb ‘crowd-warmer’ with a can-do attitude and a positive influence on the club.

James also was a keen event attendee - who made others feel welcome and included.  He also represented the club at WAPF events, as a spokesperson at Club promotional events and wanted the club to succeed at a state level.

James’s work will take him overseas soon and we wish him and his family all the very best - we hope when he returns to see him back at the Club.

Link to some of James’ gold winning images.

Five Presidents...

(and the Club Founder) - at the Club’s 10 Year Celebration

Photo taken December, 2016

L-R - Back

Cathy Crockett, Craig Taylor and Shirley Johnson

L-R - Front

Kingsley Klau (Club Founder), Peter Lescelle and James Smith

Jason Eagle - President 2017- 2018

Below some words from Jason:

I joined the club in 2016 to get more involved with other fellow photographers with the same passion for capturing moments in time.  I have been involved in photography for over 10 years as it was heavily used in my previous employment as a project engineer surveying and analysing offshore oil rigs and producing 3D Asbuilt models from photographs. It has only been in the past 3 years that I started taking photograph’s for my own enjoyment and my interest and passion continues to grow stronger each day. I enjoy most aspects of photography but my main focus recently has been exploring WA and capturing Landscapes/Seascapes and Astro photographs. I use 2 Canon full frame systems, 6D and 5D MK IV along with an ever growing collection of lenses.

Jason approached the task as President with enthusiasm, leading the Club with his stunning images and helpful approach whilst being a great promoter for the Club and photography.

Link to some of Jasons’ gold winning images.

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