Photography 101

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Peter Lescelle

Photography 101 -

Supported by the Western Australian Photographic Federation - WAPF


Photography 101 - WAPF - is a series of training modules available to WAPF Affiliated Camera Clubs to teach within their group by an experienced Photographer / Instructor.


The course is designed to give a structured approach to D-SLR / Mirrorless Camera style photography - with both the ‘Mechanics’ and ‘Art’ of photography covered.

The outcome for the attendee’s is:

  1. Understanding your camera’s setting and modes / setting up your camera for best results

  2. Understanding composition and how to ‘see’ a photo

  3. Becoming more confident with your camera and equipment

  4. Simply: Knowledge, Inspiration and Confidence.

Topics Covered in each Module: (please note, some modules may vary in the timing to suit the timings of the presenter)

Note: - You will need to have booked prior to the 2nd Module for the Course otherwise you will miss too much of the course to ensure continuity... 

Module 1:

Camera Types - DSLR / Compact / Mobile Devices / Mirrorless

Overview of the Camera - Getting to know your Camera

Module 2:

Memory Cards

Raw v’s JPEG

Basic Compositions Rules / Ideas

Module 3:

Exposure Triangle - Explanation

Exposure Triangle - ISO

Module 4:

Exposure Triangle - Shutter Speed

Exposure Triangle - Aperture

Module 5:

Exposure Explained

Making friends with the Histogram

Exposure Compensation

Module 6:

Metering and Exposure Controls

Focus Controls

Understanding your Camera’s Limitations

Module 7:

Lenses and Lens Choice

Introduction to Basic Flash Operation

White Balance

Module 8:

Filters - The best ones for Digital Photography

Cleaning your equipment / camera protection etc

Software - Computers - File Management

Photo Competitions - Print and Digital

Couple of Points

  1. The first Module starts at 6:00 pm (sharp) on Club Meeting Night in February, upstairs at the Gary Holland Centre, 19 Kent Street, Rockingham - LINK to location.

  2. This course is designed to be taught within a Club, not for individual downloads.  The modules are taught by an experienced photographer / instructor to facilitate best results.

  3. The course notes can be accessed (for $10 to cover Admin Costs) if you would like (Optional)... Each Module will be emailed to you via a online download software into a PDF document after each months tuition.

  4. There is a $2 Gold Coin Entry each meeting to cover the additional hiring fee of the Venue - please bring the correct amount for each attendance. Please make sure your name is checked off when you attend.

  5. To gain the best overall benefit for this course it is best to attend all the modules as they tend to flow into each other.

  6. Bring your Camera (with Battery Charged!) to go through menus and for any practical considerations.

  7. Bookings will close for this Tuition in March - it is not practical to just attend a few modules

  8. Certificates will be provided at the Club’s End-of-Year Awards night to those who complete 7 or more of the 8 Modules.

  9. Instructors are either experienced / professional photographers and Club Members.