Following are some tips to rewarding portrait images:

  1. Use the “Portrait’ Setting on your camera (see above icon) or use a minimum aperture setting (F4 or lower).

  2. Use either a telephoto lens or a good 50mm lens for that flattering look.  Good lenses also, are the 90mm - 105mm Macro Lenses.

  3. Unless photographing a group, try not to use a wide-angle lens as this can make your subject look less attractive.

  4. If not using a studio, try to use natural light - but not direct sunlight.

  5. You can change your ISO to a higher setting to allow a faster shutter speed (400 - 1000 ISO or higher can be useful if using a DSLR)

  6. If photographing children or pets - try to get to their eye-level for a more intimate and engaging image.

  7. Try not to take too long with group shots - nothing is more upsetting to those being photographed than you taking too long to take the pic.

  8. Shoot Shoot Shoot - Kids and Pets are very difficult subjects to photograph, so just keep trying - eventually you will get a great shot (and get better at it!)

  9. Prior to printing, consider changing your images to B&W or Sepia - sometimes they look great in those mediums.


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