Competition Themes - 2011 - Inc Meeting Dates.


January:  - Meeting Date - 18th January Self Portrait  - B&W                

February: - Meeting Date - 8th February  Funny Pics

March:  Meeting Date - 8th March   Kids

April: - Meeting Date -  12th April  Country - Agriculture

May: - Meeting Date - 10th May   Cities

June: - Meeting Date - 14th June  Night

July: - Meeting Date - 12th July  Macro Insects

August: - Meeting Date - 9th August Act-Belong-Commit

September: - Meeting Date - 13th September  Windows

October: - Meeting Date - 11th October Vintage

November: - Meeting Date - 8th November  Reflections

December: - Meeting Date - 13th December Abstract - Includes - End-of-Year BBQ - start 6 PM (normally Start at 7pm)

How to Enter in the Monthly Theme Competition:

  1. BulletALL photos must be named to the author - ie, Bill Smith, entering in the theme category would name his files:  Bill.Smith-theme1.jpg, Bill.Smith-theme2.jpg etc.  If entering the Open Category - Bill.Smith-open1.jpg.  If entering in the Modified Category - Bill.Smith-modified1.jpg.

  2. BulletKeep them to around a maximum of 3 MB each, but not less than 1080 x 1920 (HD) resolution

  3. BulletAll photos must be entered online by MIDNIGHT on the Friday prior the meeting. Photos submitted after this date can not be entered due to presentation deadline requirements.

  4. BulletIt is suggested to contact PhotoCoffee on the Monday prior to the meeting to ensure your images have arrived!!

  5. BulletNo more then 3 images in total per competition.

  6. BulletPhotographers should be able to provide a brief description on how the photo was taken on the night including equipment used. (verbal only).

  7. BulletCommittee cannot be held liable for images not arriving due to computer challenges etc, etc.

  8. BulletPhotos can only be entered online - go to this page to upload your images: 

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