Competition Themes


How to Enter in the Monthly Theme Competition:

  1. There are 5 Categories and you can enter a total of 3 images in one or multiple images...

  2. 1. Theme

  3. 2. Theme Modified * See Modified definition below...

  4. 3. Open

  5. 4. Open Modified

  6. 5. Novice - for novice description and page, see this LINK

The ‘small’ Print:

  1. Only 3 images total can be entered.  They can however be in any category including a mix of categories - however only 3 in total.

  2. Please rename your files for identification and ease of loading for presentation,  following this format:   

  3. John Smith Theme 1.jpg

  4. John Smith Open 2.jpg

  5. John Smith Open 3.jpg for example - (Files MUST be renamed to your name / theme etc - PRIOR to uploading - failure to do this may result in your entries not being accepted).

  6. Maximum image dimensions 1920 x 1080 on the long side (ideal for projection) - this can be achieved in iPhoto or PICASA.  You could also achieve this in Photoshop CS or Elements, however - note below:

  7. Maximum file size 3MB

  8. Minimum file size 500kb - if the above (1920 pixels on the long side) is done correctly, the files would generally be between 500 and 1500 KB.

  9. Photos must have been taken within the last 12 months to be fair to all and to challenge you to get out and take more photos!!

  10. No photos can have been entered in previous RPC competitions.  Photos previously entered, then modified to make a minor change so they can be re-entered will not be deemed as fair and reasonable.  Technically you can enter, but this is very un-Australian...

  11. * Modified - Definition is the files are created with layers - (and including in-camera HDR) - in programmes such as PhotoShop.  Files altered in programs such as iPhoto / PICASA are not  deemed ‘Modified’ (i.e. - change to B&W / straightened / levels etc are acceptable as ‘Not Modified’).

Each year the Club Committee decide on the Monthly Themes for Members to aim their considerations for taking images.

Theme entered images gain the most Club Member Points for the simply reason of challenging the photographer to interpret and shoot images based on the theme.

Images entered each month should be no older than 12 months - whilst this is occasionally checked, we relay on you to honor this...

Below are the entry details and ‘small print,

Good Luck and enjoy the photographic journey...