Rockingham Photography Club: Training

Club Training:  Printing Workshop

Date: Tuesday - 17th May 2015

Time: 6-9 pm

Cost: $25.00 - Supper Provided

Location: Gary Holland Centre - 19 Kent Street, Rockingham (upstairs)

Presenters: Ben from Team DigitalKingsley Burton, and Kingsley Klau.


Printing is an amazing way to present your photos for all to enjoy and for competitions. 

But the science of achieving brilliant results can be confusing.

The workshop is designed to introduce you to the medium so you can gain skills in the following areas:

  1. 1.How to take Photos for Good Printing

  2. 2.Computers / Screens

  3. 3.Software

  4. 4.How to Edit a Photo to Print - Preparation to Final Output.  We will use the example of preparing files for the WAPF Inter-Club Print Photo Competition for this Training Workshop.

  5. 5.Printers & Inks

  6. 6.Papers

  7. 7.Is it worth investing in all of the above equipment - if not, who should manage your printing?

  8. 8.Matting for Presentation - based on the WAPF Inter-Club Print Competition.

Above Photo: Rod Duffield

Entry - Open - February, 2014