Following are some tips to rewarding travel images:

  1. Make sure you pack plenty of memory cards - 8-16GB quality ones - and your battery charger with the correct plugs!  Do NOT Share Memory cards with others - this is when you will have challenges, and remember to ‘format’ them in camera when you first insert them.

  2. Try to include variants of images - don’t just shoot landscapes.  Include food - different angles, etc - interesting subjects that are a bit different makes your overall holiday images more interesting for both yourself and those viewing them back home or online.

  3. Add your friends - place family / friends into the foreground (left or right) of a scene to include them into the background.

  4. Learn how to shoot both landscape and portrait.

  5. Keep and eye on your equipment and don’t travel with too much equipment, it will become tiresome.

  6. Beware of the different cultures of photographing overseas - if not sure, ask - it might keep you out of trouble!

  7. Make sure you backup your images as soon as you return from your trip and then do something with them - create a book - print and frame etc.


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